SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, July 29 at 5p.m. PT / 8p.m. ET

The only awards program by our union recognizing employers of our members, the American Scene Awards® shines a spotlight on producers whose projects exemplify their commitment to employment of our diverse union membership. The American Scene Awards® are bestowed on those union productions that most intelligently and progressively employ the talents of people of color, people with disabilities, women, seniors, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer, and other misrepresented or under-represented groups resulting in the realistic portrayal of the American Scene.


Projects must have ‘aired’ after April 30, 2017 and before May 1, 2019

Click Here for full eligibility requirements

All nomination submissions must be made online. Click Here for nomination form

Following the lead set by the SAG-AFTRA Constitution, the categories under which union-covered projects will be considered will reflect the three (3) major areas under which our members work:

  • Entertainment

  • Music & Sound Recording

  • News & Broadcast

Critical Considerations


  • How does this project authentically reflect the American Scene?


  • Why do we, as SAG-AFTRA, want to shine a spotlight on this project and its creators as an example of excellence in storytelling and production so that other producers will be emboldened to make increasingly inclusive content?


  • Using a variety of measurements from critical acclaim to audience size and dedication, from awards received to quality of the content, how does this project substantially impact the entertainment and/or news media industry, the affected communities as well as society at large?