• Project must have been produced under a SAG-AFTRA, SAG or AFTRA contract

  • Project must have “aired” after April 30, 2019 and before May 1, 2021*

  • Representative from the Project must be willing and able to provide a clip reel that is representative of the Project for the virtual American Scene Awards Presentation at the SAG-AFTRA National Convention taking place October 16-18, 2021

  • A high-profile representative of the Project must be available to provide a pre-taped acceptance video

  • Any DVD or digital screener provided for consideration must include a closed captioning or subtitling option

  • *“Aired”:

  • Project must have been exhibited or broadcast after April 30, 2019 and before May 1, 2021. Projects produced under a Short Project Agreement (short films 60 mins or less running time) are not eligible.


Following the lead set by the SAG-AFTRA Constitution, the categories under which union-covered projects will be considered will reflect the three (3) major areas under which our members work:

  • Entertainment

  • Music & Sound Recording

  • News & Broadcast

Critical Considerations

  • How does this project authentically reflect the American Scene? How does this project authentically employ those who make up the American Scene?


  • Why do we, as SAG-AFTRA, want to shine a spotlight on this project and its creators as an example of excellence in storytelling and production so that other producers will be emboldened to make increasingly inclusive content?


  • Using a variety of measurements from critical acclaim to audience size and dedication, from awards received to quality of the content, how does this project substantially impact the entertainment and/or news media industry, the affected communities as well as society at large?